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Property Management for Phoenix Real Estate Investors

Long term investment in Phoenix real estate does not mean that you have to spend your time acting as the landlord of each of your properties. In fact, many people choose to have a property manager or a company oversee their properties for them. In today’s market, this means that you can invest in great available homes for sale, without worrying about dealing with tenants or legal leasing issues.

A Property Management Company may Help You Feel Comfortable with Investment

Many of the laws guiding Arizona rentals are found in the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act; however there are also federal and local laws which must be followed. A quality management company will be aware not only of the complex set of rules and regulations for rentals in Phoenix, but also will be able to limit your liability. In fact, these companies have a fiduciary responsibility to protect your best interests.

Ask some Questions Before You Sign any Contract

Of course, there are a multitude of property management companies in the Valley and you want to feel comfortable with your choice. The following are questions that any reliable company should be able to answer:

  • How long has your company been in this business?
  • How many properties do you manage in Phoenix?
  • What is your method for screening tenants?
  • What is your process for dealing with maintenance complaints?
  • What kinds of maintenance issues are handled in-house?
  • How do you get interested tenants?

Find out how Desert Wide Properties can help You Attract Tenants

For more than thirty years, Desert Wide Properties has been helping residential real estate investors find good tenants. They’ve been on the web for a long time and have held a long-term spot on the front pages of the search engine results pages. As more than 60 percent of future tenants start their search on the internet, you can contact DWP today to learn more about Phoenix Property Management and how they can help you get quality tenants.